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Address:In Shandong Xin Zhaizhen in Linqu
Baisha Industrial Park
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Address:Linqu, Longgang Town, Shandong Province,
Government road 500 meters south east

   Linqu first chemical factory was founded in 1991, the company is located in Weifang City Linqu Seongnam, Yishan at the foot of national forest park, adjacent to the East red high-speed. Here strategic location, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, for the vigorous development of our factory has laid a good foundation.
  Company is committed to dichloroisocyanurate sodium dichloroisocyanurate, TCCA, Baisha brand disinfectant sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder, concrete superplasticizer, pre-alloy powder and a professional production of copper coated iron powder and sale of products in the industry has a good reputation and reputation. The company's infrastructure and improved processing technology, advanced detection means complete, is a research, development......

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Linqu first chemical plant Address: Longgang Town Government Linqu County, Shandong Province, east road 500 meters south Tel :0536-3761043